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Main Entry: 1fear
Pronunciation: primarystressfi(schwa)r
Function: noun
1 a : an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by expectation or awareness of danger b : an instance of fear or a state marked by fear
2 : concern about what may happen : WORRY
3 : 1AWE
synonyms FEAR, DREAD, ALARM, FRIGHT mean painful emotion experienced in the presence or expectation of danger. FEAR is the most general word and suggests great worry and usually loss of courage <fear of the unknown>. DREAD suggests strong unwillingness to face something <the dread felt by people awaiting bad news>. ALARM may suggest strong emotional upset caused by an unexpected or immediate danger <viewed the worsening food shortage with alarm>. FRIGHT suggests the shock of something startling and often suggests a short-lived emotion <the creaking door caused them fright>.

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