November 25, 2015
lax (adjective)
\LAKS\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : not firm or tight : loose2 : not strict
How do you use it?
Our principal expects students to be on time and is not lax about enforcing the rule prohibiting tardy students from participating in after school activities.
Are you a word wiz?

One of the words below comes from the same Latin root as today's Buzzword, "lax." Which one do you think it is?

We hope you didn't delay in choosing C! The Latin root "laxus" means "loose" and it is the ancestor of several words in English, including "lax" and the verb "delay," meaning "postpone" or "put off." Another descendant of "laxus" is "relax," which can mean "to make or become loose or less tense" or "to make or become less severe or strict." "Slack" is a more distant relative of this relaxed word family. "Slack" has to do with something being loose; in particular, it means "careless," "not energetic," or "not tight."
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