August 02, 2015
succumb (verb)
\suh-KUM\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : to yield to force or pressure2 : die
How do you use it?
Mom had already made dinner and so she refused to succumb to our pleas to have pizza delivered.
Are you a word wiz?

There are several words that are similar in meaning to "succumb." We list three of them below. Which one do you think is NOT a synonym of "succumb"?

"Ignore" means "to refuse to notice" and so is not a synonym of "succumb." "Yield," "relent," and "defer," however, all mean to give way to someone or something that you can no longer resist. Use "yield" to mean a giving in to force, argument, persuasion, or entreaty, as in "yields too easily in any argument." Choose "relent" to imply a yielding through pity or mercy by someone who holds the upper hand, as for example, "finally relented and let the children stay up." And try "defer" to imply a voluntary yielding or submitting out of respect for or deference toward another, as in "deferred to her expertise."
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