January 03, 2019
immune (adjective)
\ih-MYOON\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : free or released from some condition or requirement that others must meet or deal with2 a : not influenced by something b : having a high degree of resistance to an illness or disease3 : containing or producing antibodies
How do you use it?
The young actor soon discovered that being the famous director's son did not make him immune to criticism of his performance.
Are you a word wiz?

"Immune" traces back to the Latin word "munia." What do you think "munia" means?

Your word skills are healthy if you resisted the other choices in favor of D. "Immune" traces to the combination of the Latin prefix "in-," meaning "not," plus "munia," which means services or obligations that you might have been required to perform for the state or for another person. "Immunis," the resulting compound and immediate predecessor of "immune," described a person who was exempt from these duties. Nowadays, "immune" is often used in the medical sense to refer to the "immune system" and the "immune response," both of which protect the body against foreign cells, substances, and tissues that cause disease.
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