January 07, 2017
hackneyed (adjective)
\HAK-need\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: worn out from too long or too much use : commonplace
How do you use it?
"Before commencing, it is but fair to warn you that the story will sound somewhat hackneyed in your ears; but stale details often regain a degree of freshness when they pass through new lips." (Charlotte Bronte, _Jane Eyre_)
Are you a word wiz?

You don't need to put "hackeneyed" to too much use; it has several synonyms you could choose instead. Which word do you think is one of the synonyms of "hackneyed"?

"Trite," like "hackneyed," means lacking the freshness that makes something interesting or engaging. "Hackneyed" stresses being dull and meaningless because of overuse, as in "a poem's hackneyed images and metaphors." "Trite" applies to a phrase or idea that has become so familiar that it is no longer intriguing or effective, as in "the trite expression, ‘you win some, you lose some.'" "Stereotyped," another synonym, stresses a lack of individuality, as in "ideas about teenagers that are old-fashioned and stereotyped." Also a member of this group, "clichéd" applies to something that has no originality, as in "the movie's clichéd and corny dialogue."
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