January 13, 2018
electric (adjective)
\ih-LEK-trik\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: of, relating to, operated by, or produced by electricity2 : having a thrilling effect
How do you use it?
"Only Raq, the elder of the two collies, who liked to sit with his chin resting on Will's knee, would jerk away from him sometimes for no apparent reason, as if propelled by an electric shock." (Susan Cooper, _The Dark Is Rising_)
Are you a word wiz?

The word "electric" traces back to a Greek word for a particular substance found in nature. What do you think the Greek word named?

If B gave you a charge, you picked well! Amber is a fossil of tree sap. In Greek, amber was called "elektron." The ancient Greeks noticed that if they rubbed a piece of amber, it would attract things like feathers. The attraction was electricity, but the Greeks didn't know that and didn't have a special name for it. The word "electric" was coined about 400 years ago by English scientist William Gilbert, who is often considered the father of electrical studies. Gilbert used "electrum," the Latin word for amber that was a modification of the Greek word, to create the word "electricus," which became "electric."
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