January 24, 2018
chic (adjective)
\SHEEK\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: having style; especially : fashionable
How do you use it?
Clothing and hairstyles that are considered chic in one period of history are often ridiculed and laughed at in another.
Are you a word wiz?

The first known use of the adjective "chic" as an English word appeared in the 1860s. Which words do you think also appeared around the same time?

Just like clothing and hairstyles, language changes and new words are introduced all the time. In the 1860s, the then-new words "gasoline" and "landline" began to be used, along with the term for the clever but annoying "smart aleck." Baseball players fielded "fly balls," pests were controlled by means of "insecticide," and the hobby of collecting postage stamps was given a name, "philately." Also, "nifty" examples of "needlepoint" could be admired along with performers who had achieved "stardom."
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