January 30, 2019
feasible (adjective)
\FEE-zuh-bul\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: possible to do or carry out
How do you use it?
"Should the scheme he had now sketched prove feasible, Silver, already doubly a traitor, would not hesitate to adopt it." (Robert Louis Stevenson, _Treasure Island_)
Are you a word wiz?

Now that we've told you what today's Buzzword means, it is feasible for you to answer our question correctly. Which word below do you think is a synonym of "feasible"?

When something is "feasible," "practicable," or "possible," you can do it. Each word is used in a slightly different way from the others, though. If something is "feasible," it is likely to work or be useful in achieving a desired result. ("It just wasn't feasible to get all the school shopping done at one store.") "Practicable" suggests all the necessary conditions exist to allow something to happen or be accomplished ("With his new schedule, it's practicable for Jan's dad to drive her to school if she misses the bus.") A thing that is "possible" may exist or occur under the proper conditions. ("It's possible for school to end in early June if there are no snow days.")
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