February 02, 2019
erupt (verb)
\ih-RUPT\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : to burst forth or cause to burst forth : explode2 : to break through a surface3 : to break out with or as if with a skin eruption
How do you use it?
The crowd erupted when the school hockey team tied the score with only seconds left in the game.
Are you a word wiz?

"Erupt" comes from the Latin verb "rumpere," as do the words "rupture," "abrupt," and "corrupt." Think about the words in this family, and then tell us what you think "rumpere" means.

Break out into cheers if you choose B! The Latin root "rumpere" means "to break," and words deriving from "rumpere" carry the idea of breaking. "Erupt" is one example: to "erupt" is to break out or through. "Rupture" is another example. It refers to a break in peaceful or friendly relations between nations, or to a breaking or tearing apart, such as of a body tissue. You might use "abrupt" to describe the sudden breaking off of something, such as a road or a speech. And "corrupt" is used for something that breaks off from that which is considered proper or good or correct.
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