February 06, 2017
uneasy (adjective)
\un-EE-zee\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : not easy in manner : awkward2 : disturbed by pain or worry : restless
How do you use it?
Everything about the situation made us uneasy: . . .
Are you a word wiz?

Complete the sentence! Which answer below best finishes the sentence to illustrate the meaning of "uneasy"?

"Uneasy" is most commonly used today to refer to being restless with pain or worry, so the correct answer is C. Answer A actually describes "easy," the opposite of "uneasy." Answer B describes a situation filled with nervousness, but not restlessness from pain or worry. It describes, instead, anticipation and excitement. Answer D describes a situation involving some work that might be hard, but "hard" doesn't mean the same thing as "uneasy."
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