February 09, 2017
prologue (noun)
\PROH-lawg\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : an introduction to a book or play2 : an act or event that comes before or introduces something
How do you use it?
Even though the prologue hinted at how the novel would end, I was still surprised by the turn of events.
Are you a word wiz?

One of the following words comes from the same root word as "prologue." Which one do you think it is?

Speak up if you chose A! "Prologue" and "lexicon" descend from the Greek root "legein," meaning "to gather, say, speak." Several other English words also belong to the "legein" family of words. Two more "legein" descendants are "dialogue," meaning a conversation between two or more persons, and "epilogue," which refers to a final section of a story that summarizes it or a speech at the end of a play. Other relatives have more to do with the printed word than with the spoken word. Examples are "anthology," which means a collection of literary pieces, and "dyslexia," which refers to a disturbance of the ability to read.
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