February 21, 2009
truculent (adjective)
\TRUCK-yuh-lunt\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: ready and willing to fight or quarrel
How do you use it?
When Martin's stepbrother first moved in, both of them were often truculent; over time, however, they grew to like one another's company.
Are you a word wiz?

Think you're so smart? Prove it! What do you think the Latin root word of "truculent" means?

Okay, okay, you win if you picked C! "Truculent" traces back to the Latin word "trux," meaning "savage." "Savage" means "fierce" or "ferocious" -- the attributes of a person likely to resort to fighting. A person with an aggressive attitude might also be described by the word "pugnacious." This fighting word traces back to the Latin verb "pugnare," meaning "to fight." Two more words for a person who is inclined to fight are "belligerent" and "bellicose." "Belligerent" and "bellicose" both have roots in a particular kind of fighting; they trace back to the Latin noun "bellum," meaning "war."
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