February 26, 2017
tuxedo (noun)
\tuk-SEE-doh\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: a suit for men to be worn on special occasions
How do you use it?
Bronson has to wear a tuxedo when he serves as an usher at his older brother's wedding.
Are you a word wiz?

The word "tuxedo" comes from a source that you may consider surprising. Which of the following statements about the origin of "tuxedo" do you think is true?

"Tuxedo" traces to "P'tuksit," a Delaware Indian word for "wolf" -- but its path to English was complex indeed. The wolf was the totem of a group of Delawares who lived in eastern North America, and those people were called the "P'tuksit." English speakers translated "P'tuksit" as "Tuxedo" and used that term to name a village in eastern New York. In the 1880s, a fashionable resort called "Tuxedo Park" was built in the area. That's where the man's dress suit now known as the "tuxedo" was first worn, and the suit took its name from the resort.
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