March 07, 2019
garnish (verb)
\GAHR-nish\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : decorate, embellish2 : to add decorations or seasonings to (food)3 : to equip with accessories
How do you use it?
"Brother Alf remarked that Friar Hugo had excelled himself, as course after course was brought to the table. Tender freshwater shrimp garnished with cream and rose leaves, devilled barley pearls in acorn pureed apple and carrot chews, marinated cabbage stalks steeped in creamed white turnip with nutmeg." (Brian Jacques, _Redwall_)
Are you a word wiz?

Which word do you think is a synonym of "garnish"?

"Garnish," "adorn," "decorate," "embellish," and "deck" are all about improving the appearance of something by adding something extra. "Garnish" suggests adding a small final touch and is used especially in referring to the serving of food, as in "The entrée was garnished with parsley." "Adorn" implies enhancing something that is already beautiful by itself, as in "A diamond necklace adorned her neck." "Decorate" suggests making something less plain by adding color or design, as in "We decorated the birthday cake with candles and colorful sprinkles." "Embellish" implies the addition of fancy or showy ornaments, as in "Each room was embellished with elaborate moldings." "Deck" implies making something more festive or impressive, as in "The children were all decked out in their new uniforms."
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