March 08, 2018
adroit (adjective)
\uh-DROYT\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: having or showing great skill or cleverness
How do you use it?
The soccer coach was delighted that her best player still had adroit footwork and passing skills after taking a year off.
Are you a word wiz?

Let's see how adroit you are at recognizing synonyms. Which of the words below do you think means the same thing as "adroit"?

If you picked choice A, you are not only adroit with synonyms, but also "cunning," "clever," and "ingenious." All of these words mean having or showing practical wit or skill in doing something. "Adroit" often implies the ability to succeed in spite of difficulties, as in "an adroit negotiator." "Clever" stresses quickness or aptitude, as in "clever with numbers." "Cunning" implies great skill in constructing or creating, as in "a director known for cunning use of special effects." "Ingenious" suggests the ability to discover new ways of accomplishing something, as in "an ingenious software engineer."
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