March 14, 2018
anagram (noun)
\AN-uh-gram\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: a word or phrase made out of another by changing the order of the letters
How do you use it?
Jesse was pleased to see that his anagram of "Michael Jordan" seemed to describe the former basketball star's playing style: "hold, race in, jam."
Are you a word wiz?

An anagram is a type of word puzzle that requires a keen wit. Let's see if you can figure this puzzle out. Which verb below has a past tense that is an anagram of its present tense?

If you chose C, you've got the hang of anagrams! Rearranging the letters in "eat" gives you its past tense, "ate." You can make anagrams out of any words, and they can have some hilarious results. For instance, the name "William Shakespeare" produces the anagram "I am a weakish speller." Too difficult? How about "an aisle"? An aisle" "is a lane." Anagrams, while they may not "be practical" are "practicable." Try a few!
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