March 15, 2017
sardonic (adjective)
\sahr-DAH-nik\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: scornful, mocking
How do you use it?
"He was proud, sardonic, harsh to inferiority of every description: in my secret soul I knew that his great kindness to me was balanced by unjust severity to many others." (Charlotte Bronte, _Jane Eyre_)
Are you a word wiz?

We've already given you one synonym of "sardonic"—"sarcastic"—in our example sentence above. Which of the words below are also synonyms of "sardonic"?

"Sardonic," "sarcastic," "satiric," and "ironic" all mean marked by bitterness and a desire to cause pain. "Sardonic" implies mockery or scorn that is usually expressed through a facial expression or words. ("He sneered and gave her a sardonic smile.") "Sarcastic" is used of intentionally hurting by poking fun. ("No one thinks your sarcastic remarks are funny.") "Satiric" suggests that the point of ridiculing is to correct or disapprove of something. ("She wrote a biting, satiric novel about social conventions.") "Ironic" implies an attempt to be funny by saying the opposite of what you mean. ("When he saw my messy room, he made the ironic observation that I must be a neat freak.")
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