March 19, 2017
relish (verb)
\REL-ish\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : to add relish to2 : to be pleased by : enjoy3 : to eat or drink with pleasure
How do you use it?
William relishes the rare times when he and his cousins can all be together.
Are you a word wiz?

For those of you who relish word questions, answer this one: which of the following sentences does NOT use "relish" correctly?

If you picked B, you should relish the fact that you picked the right answer! "Squish" or "fit" would make sense there, but no sense of "relish" works. Each of the other sentences uses one of the senses of "relish" correctly. Sentence A uses sense 3, "to eat or drink with pleasure." Sentence C uses sense 2, "to be pleased by, enjoy." Sentence D uses the least common sense of the verb, sense 1, "to add relish to." This sense of "relish" refers to a common meaning of the noun "relish," which means "a highly seasoned food (as of pickles or mustard) eaten with other food to add flavor."
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