March 21, 2017
ebullient (adjective)
\ih-BULL-yunt\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : agitated2 : characterized by lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts or feelings
How do you use it?
Lamar's ebullient personality helped him to win the School Spirit Award at this year's awards assembly.
Are you a word wiz?

We left out one of the definitions of "ebullient" because it would have given away the meaning of the word's root. What do you think the root word of "ebullient" means?

Let your enthusiasm boil over if you picked D. "Ebullient" comes from the Latin word "ebullire" (meaning "to bubble out"), which traces back to "bullire," meaning "boil" or "bubble." In its earliest known uses in English, dating back to the late 1500s, "ebullient" was used in the sense "boiling" or "bubbling" (so a pot on the stove might have been ebullient). Only later did the word's meaning broaden to encompass emotional agitation as well as the tempestuous roiling of a boiling liquid. Today "ebullient" usually suggests enthusiasm or high spirits.
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