March 25, 2018
redolent (adjective)
\RED-uh-lunt\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : aromatic2 : full of a fragrance or odor : scented
How do you use it?
The warm spring air was redolent of early flowers.
Are you a word wiz?

We've already told you that "aromatic" is a synonym of "redolent." Which of the pairs of words below do you think contains two words that also describe smells?

If you chose A, then breathe in the sweet smell of success. "Redolent," "aromatic," "odorous," and "fragrant" all are used to describe things that have a smell. "Redolent" suggests a rich or distinctive smell. ("The forest was redolent of pine sap.") "Odorous" applies to things that have a strong or distinctive smell whether pleasant or unpleasant. ("Odorous cheeses should be wrapped.") "Aromatic" applies to things emitting sharp, often fresh odors. ("She chose an aromatic blend of coffees.") "Fragrant" refers to an odor that is sweet or pleasing. ("Fragrant flowers filled the reception hall.")
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