March 26, 2017
gown (noun)
\GOWN\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : an official robe worn especially by a judge, a member of the clergy, or a teacher2 : a woman's dress; especially : one suitable for afternoon or evening wear3 : a loose robe (as a dressing gown or a nightgown)
How do you use it?
Meghan tried on a number of gowns to wear to the prom, but settled on one that was a deep plum color.
Are you a word wiz?

"Gown" traces back to the Late Latin word "gunna." What do you think "gunna" means?

Try D on for size! The word "gown" comes from the Late Latin word "gunna," meaning "a fur or leather garment." When the word "gown" first was used in English in the 14th century, it referred to a loose and flowing outer garment worn by men. Later it came to refer to the kind of robes worn by people with certain jobs, such as judges. Later still, it was used to refer to a regular dress worn by a woman. Eventually the word "dress" came to be used for the regular garment that women wore and "gown" was used for fancier dresses.
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