March 30, 2017
assumption (noun)
\uh-SUMP-shun\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 capitalized : August 15 observed as a church festival to mark the taking up of the Virgin Mary into heaven2 a : the act of taking upon oneself or taking possession of something3 a : the belief that something is true b : a fact or statement taken for granted
How do you use it?
The science fair project proved that many assumptions I held about how toddlers learn were wrong.
Are you a word wiz?

Which word do you think has the same origin as "assumption"?

Assuming you picked answer A, you got it right! "Assumption" and "example" both trace to the Latin root "emere" meaning "to take." Latin speakers used "emere" as the basis for the word "assumere" meaning "to take up or in, receive." Then they used "assumere" to form "assumptio" meaning "taking up." English speakers adopted "assumptio" to form "assumption." Other members of the "emere" family include "consume," "redeem," "premium," and "prompt."
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