April 01, 2017
prankster (noun)
\PRANK-ster\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: a player of pranks
How do you use it?
Mom denied being the prankster who refilled the cranberry juice bottle with red Jello so it wouldn't pour, but we knew it was her.
Are you a word wiz?

A prankster is someone who plays pranks, which are tricks or mischievous or playful acts. What do you think the "-ster" in "prankster" means?

The "-ster" suffix is used to refer to people who make or use something. A lot of "-ster" words are for people who cause mischief or make us laugh. For example, a "jokester" makes jokes, while a "trickster" plays tricks on people or performs tricks for them. Two less common words that also use "-ster" to refer to funny people are "quipster" and "punster." A quip is a clever remark or funny saying, something a "quipster" would say. A "punster" is someone who makes puns, which are funny ways to say words so that their meanings or sounds make people think of more than one thing.
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