April 02, 2016
abuzz (adjective)
\uh-BUZZ\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: filled or resounding with or as if with a buzzing sound
How do you use it?
The cafeteria was abuzz with the rumor that a movie studio planned to use the school as a set in an upcoming film.
Are you a word wiz?

Sometimes language researchers can find the very first time a word was used in writing. The first known use of "abuzz" happens to be from the writing of a famous author. Which author do you think is credited with being the first to use "abuzz"?

The first known use of "abuzz" dates to the 1850s and comes from the work of the very inventive and prolific writer, Charles Dickens. In his novel _A Tale of Two Cities_, which is set during the French Revolution, Dickens uses "abuzz" to describe the sound of a Revolutionary courtroom: "The court was all astir and a-buzz. . . ." "Abuzz" is an example of "onomatopoeia," which is the formation of words in imitation of natural sounds. The "buzz" part of "abuzz" suggests that many voices in use at once sounds more like buzzing than talking.
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