April 04, 2018
drizzle (verb)
\DRIZ-ul\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: to rain in very small drops
How do you use it?
April may be filled with days when all it does is drizzle, but May's blooming flowers are just around the corner.
Are you a word wiz?

About how long do you think "drizzle" has been part of the English language?

The earliest evidence we have for the verb "drizzle" being used in English is from the 1580s, more than 400 years ago. Language scholars aren't sure where the word came from, but they think it may be an alteration of the Middle English word "drysnen," meaning "to fall." The noun "drizzle," meaning "a fine misty rain," is a little bit older than the verb. The earliest evidence we have for the noun is from the 1550s. The "raining" sense of the verb was later expanded to include the sprinkling of light drops of any liquid, as in "The vegetables were drizzled with olive oil."
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