April 05, 2018
summit (noun)
\SUM-it\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : top; especially : the highest point (as of a mountain)2 : the topmost level that can be reached3 : the highest level of officials; especially : the diplomatic level of heads of government
How do you use it?
"After an hour's ride they reached the summit of a hill from whence they espied the City of the Winkies and noted the tall domes of the Emperor's palace rising from the clusters of more modest dwellings." (L. Frank Baum, _The Marvelous Land of Oz_)
Are you a word wiz?

Which word do you think is a synonym of "summit"?

"Summit" has a mountain of synonyms and "apex" is just the tip. "Summit" and "apex" along with "peak," "pinnacle," and "acme" all mean the highest possible level of achievement. "Summit" implies the very topmost level, as in "at the summit of fame." "Apex" implies the point where things come together to result in the highest success, as in "the apex of his career." "Peak" suggests the highest among other high points, as in "an artist working at the peak of her powers." "Pinnacle" suggests a dizzying and often insecure height, as in "the pinnacle of happiness." "Acme" implies a level of quality representing the perfection of a thing, as in "a statue that was once deemed the acme of beauty."
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