April 06, 2016
inept (adjective)
\in-EHPT\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : not suited for the occasion : inappropriate2 : lacking in skill or ability : incompetent
How do you use it?
Mom said that when she was a child she was completely inept at gymnastics but was great at basketball.
Are you a word wiz?

Use your word skills to answer this question: which word do you think is related to "inept"?

The apt choice is B. "Inept" and "adapt" share the Latin root "aptus," which means "apt." The word "apt," meaning "just right," "likely," and "quick to learn," also comes from "aptus." Latin speakers added the prefix "in-" (meaning "not") to "aptus" to form "ineptus." French speakers borrowed "ineptus" as "inepte" and English speakers borrowed the French word to form "inept." Another member of the "aptus" family is "aptitude," meaning "ability to learn" or "natural ability."
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