April 07, 2017
philanthropy (noun)
\fuh-LAN-thruh-pee\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : goodwill toward all people; especially : an effort to promote human welfare2 : a charitable act or gift; also : an organization that distributes or is supported by donated funds
How do you use it?
Krystal is able to attend college because of a scholarship established through the philanthropy of her community.
Are you a word wiz?

We hope you'll generously give a few minutes of your time and try to answer today's question. Which of these words do you think shares a root with "philanthropy"?

If you chose A, "bibliophile," as the correct answer, you've chosen well. "Philanthropy" and "bibliophile" both contain affixes that derive from the Greek word "philos," meaning "dear, friendly." The prefix "phil-" or "philo-," meaning "loving," often indicates a fondness for something. "Philanthropy" was formed by combining the prefix "phil-" and the Greek word "anthropos," meaning "human being." When a word ends with the suffix "-phil" or "-phile," it usually means a person who loves, admires, or is enthusiastic about something. "Bibli-" is a combining form that comes from the Greek word "biblion" meaning "book, so a bibliophile is a lover of books.
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