April 09, 2012
toboggan (noun)
\tuh-BAH-gun\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: a long light sled made without runners and curved up at the front
How do you use it?
We were disappointed that, because of the very mild winter, we had to put our toboggan and sleds back into storage without having used them once.
Are you a word wiz?

The origins of "toboggan" are ultimately in a Native American language. Which words below come from the same language as "toboggan"?

The correct answer is A, as in Algonquian. "Toboggan" derives from a group of American Indian languages called Algonquian. These languages are spoken in the eastern half of North America, from Labrador, Canada, down to the Carolinas and all the way west to the Great Plains. Many of the words from the Algonquian language group that were adopted by English speakers are names for indigenous species, including "moose," "skunk," "opossum," "hickory," and "persimmon." Noah Webster's first dictionary included many American Indian-derived words, which made it the first truly American dictionary in print.
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