April 09, 2018
vouchsafe (verb)
\vouch-SAYF\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: to grant as a special favor
How do you use it?
"Frantically, I riffled the pages of my book, hoping to be vouchsafed a map." (Gail Carson Levine, _Ella Enchanted_)
Are you a word wiz?

"Vouchsafe" has a number of synonyms. One of them, "grant," is in our definition. Which of these answers gives two more?

"Vouchsafe" is a very formal word, but it has three much less formal synonyms: "grant," "concede," and "accord." All four mean "to give as a favor or right." "Grant" implies that the thing being given could be withheld. ("He was granted a new trial.") "Concede" suggests reluctantly giving something that someone has a rightful claim to. ("She conceded that her rival really did deserve to win.") "Accord" implies that you are giving someone what is proper. ("The ambassador was accorded all the honor that he was due.") Finally, "vouchsafe" suggests giving something as a courtesy or honor, as in our sentence above.
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