April 12, 2016
bunk (noun)
\BUNK\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: nonsense
How do you use it?
"That's a lot of bunk!" snorted Grandpa when Macey told him that she had heard that the house at the end of the street was haunted.
Are you a word wiz?

One of the statements below is true and the rest are bunk. Which one do you think names the real source for the word "bunk"?

American folklore claims we owe "bunk" to Felix Walker, a U.S. congressman from Buncombe County, North Carolina. Around 1820, Congressman Walker supposedly gave a long, boring speech (which had nothing to do with the topic being discussed) despite protests from his impatient colleagues. Walker said he had done what his constituents expected of him, which was "to make a speech for Buncombe." As a result of the incident, "buncombe" and its alternate spelling, "bunkum," became bywords for empty political nonsense. Before long, "bunkum" and the shortened form "bunk" were being used for any foolish or insincere talk.
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