April 13, 2017
watertight (adjective)
\waw-ter-TYTE\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : made to keep water out2 : allowing no possibility for doubt or uncertainty
How do you use it?
The company touted the new phone's many design improvements, including a watertight seal around the battery compartment.
Are you a word wiz?

Our writers wrote a bunch of example sentences for "watertight," but only one uses the word correctly. Which sentence below uses the word properly?

"Watertight" has been used to mean "made to keep out water" since the 1300s. Something watertight must be sealed well enough so you can be sure no water can get in. Over time, people began using that adjective for other things that were absolutely certain, too, such as "watertight alibis" and "watertight contracts." We're positive that "watertight" is always used as an adjective, so sentence C is the only one in our quiz that could be right (sentences A and B try to use it as a noun, and D uses it as if it were a verb).
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