April 27, 2017
analogous (adjective)
\uh-NAL-uh-gus\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : showing resemblance in some details between things otherwise unlike : similar2 : related by analogy
How do you use it?
Taking a penalty shot in ice hockey is analogous to shooting a free throw after a technical foul in basketball.
Are you a word wiz?

As you can see from the definition above, "analogous" can mean "similar." Which of the answer choices do you think is another word that means about the same thing as "analogous" and "similar"?

"Analogous," "similar," and "parallel" mean closely resembling each other. Use "analogous" when describing things belonging in essentially different categories but having many similarities, as for example "analogous political systems." Try "similar" when there is the possibility of one thing being mistaken for another, as in "a street full of similar houses." And choose "parallel" when there is a marked likeness in the development of two things, such as "the parallel careers of two movie stars."
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