April 29, 2016
buoy (verb)
\BOO-ee\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: to keep from sinking : keep afloat
How do you use it?
The raft in the center of the lake was buoyed by empty barrels, and anchored by a large concrete block.
Are you a word wiz?

The verb "buoy" has another meaning in addition to the one we've given you. Which of the following definitions do you think is the other meaning of "buoy"?

Answer D should buoy you up! Just like a barrels can keep a raft afloat, so can a kind word or a smile buoy someone's spirits, or lift someone's mood. "Buoy" has some other meanings as well. Before it was a verb, "buoy" was a noun used to refer to "a floating object anchored in a body of water to mark a channel or warn of danger." The noun "buoy" is also used as a shortened form of "life buoy," which is a float consisting of a ring of very light material that is used to hold up a person who has fallen into the water.
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