April 30, 2018
adoration (noun)
\ad-uh-RAY-shun\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: the act of worshipping someone or something : the state of being loved or worshipped
How do you use it?
"But where was Isannah? She was standing with a tiny hand in one of Miss Lyte's gloved ones, gazing up at her in adoration." (Esther Forbes, _Johnny Tremain_)
Are you a word wiz?

"Adoration" comes from our verb "adore," but that's not its only relation. What other words share a root with "adoration"?

We speak the truth: the answer is B. "Adoration," "oracle," and "oratory" all share the Latin root word "orare," meaning "to speak" or "to pray." "Adore" and "adoration" come from "orare" and the prefix "ad-," and the resulting Latin verb "adorare" means "to speak out to" or "to pray to." "Oracle" comes from a Latin noun that means "a person through whom a god or goddess is thought to speak." You have probably already guessed that "oratory" is a noun taken from our root word, "orare." "Oratory" comes from the Latin adjective "oratorius" which means "of or relating to speech or speaking" and which stems from "orare."
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