May 01, 2018
amiable (adjective)
\AY-mee-uh-bul\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: generally agreeable : having a friendly and pleasant manner
How do you use it?
He is a charming and amiable young man, ready to make friends with everyone in the room.
Are you a word wiz?

"Amiable" has a few cousins in English. Which words below have word histories (not meanings) related to "amiable"?

We find A the most agreeable of the answers. "Amiable," "amigo," and "enemy" all come from the Latin word "amicus," meaning "friend." "Amiable" was taken into English from the speakers of Anglo-French, who adapted it from "amicabilis," a Latin adjective derived from "amicus" that means "friendly." "Amigo" came into English from Spanish, and Spanish adapted "amigo" straight from "amicus." What about "enemy"? That comes to us from the Anglo-French "enemi," which came from the Latin word "inimicus," a blend of the Latin prefix "in-," meaning "not," and "amicus."
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