May 06, 2016
hasty (adjective)
\HAY-stee\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 a : done or made in a hurry b : fast and often not thorough2 : acting or done without forethought : rash3 : quick to anger : irritable
How do you use it?
It was a hasty move . . .
Are you a word wiz?

Whoops, we forgot to finish the example sentence! Which clause below do you think best follows "It was a hasty move . . ."?

You're quick if you chose B. "Hasty" has a few meanings, but they all tend to have a negative connotation. Answer A doesn't fit with any of the senses of "hasty": buying tickets for a vacation in advance is generally a sign of planning and forethought. Answer C is talking about feelings of tenderness and care after a long time, which doesn't seem to fit with any of the senses. Answer D doesn't make much sense, either: quick or fast moves, or moves done out of anger or without thinking, probably wouldn't calm anyone down. Answer B, then, is our best match: the clause seems to imply that the move referred to in the fragment given as the example is dangerous and rash, fitting in with sense 2.
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