May 13, 2018
cuisine (noun)
\kwih-ZEEN\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: style of cooking; also : the food cooked
How do you use it?
For Mother's Day, we took Mom out to a restaurant that specializes in Thai cuisine, her favorite.
Are you a word wiz?

Here's a little food for thought: "cuisine" developed from the Late Latin word "coquina," which had something to do with cooking. What do you think "coquina" originally meant?

When it comes to creating cuisine, answer A, "kitchen," is the scene of the action. The Late Latin word "coquina," which means "kitchen," ultimately gave rise to several words related to food or the preparation of it. "Coquina" is the parent of our English word "kitchen." It is also an ancestor of the French word "cuisine," a term that English speakers adopted in the late 1700s. The linguistic parent of "coquina"—the Latin verb "coquere," which means "to cook"—played a role in cooking up even more English words, including "cook," "concoct," and "kiln" (a kind of oven).
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