May 19, 2013
oops ()
\OOPS\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: used to express mild apology, surprise, or distress (as at spilling something or saying the wrong thing)
How do you use it?
Whispering "oops," the little girl backed away as the supermarket's entire display of cereal boxes tumbled to the ground.
Are you a word wiz?

Oops! We forgot to include the part of speech for today's Buzzword. What part of speech do you think "oops" is?

If you picked D, wahoo, yippee, hooray! "Oops" is an interjection, which is a word or cry expressing sudden or strong feeling. Although there are a relatively small number of words that function as interjections, they get used quite a bit. They are also an economical way to express a great deal. In a word or two, an interjection can express amazement ("wow!"), delight ("whee!"), surprise ("gosh!"), fear ("eek!"), disapproval ("boo!"), boredom ("ho hum"), confusion ("huh?"), fatigue ("phew!"), disgust ("yuck!"), pain ("ouch!"), dismay ("dear!"), triumph ("aha!"), concern ("uh-oh"), and many other sentiments. It's usually distress over a mistake that is expressed by that one little syllable "oops."
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