May 19, 2018
dissident (noun)
\DISS-uh-dunt\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: a person who disagrees with an opinion or a group
How do you use it?
The refugee fled his country, noting that as a dissident of his country's government, he would have been jailed.
Are you a word wiz?

"Dissident" comes from two Latin words, the prefix "dis-," meaning "opposite" or "apart," and "sedere," meaning "sit." Which other words have "sedere" as a root?

We agree with you if you chose answer D. "Dissident," "preside," and "obsess" all ultimately come from a Latin prefix and the Latin word "sedere," meaning "sit." You can see evidence of "sedere" in the English words' meanings. We've told you the roots of "dissident," and a dissident is one who "sits opposite" or opposes something. "Preside" comes from the Latin root "prae-," meaning "in front of," and "sedere." Although presiding doesn't require that you be seated to do it, the one who sits out in front of everyone in a formal setting is usually the one in charge. "Obsess" comes from "ob-," meaning "against," and "sedere," and when you are obsessed with something, it "sits against" or weighs on you all the time.
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