May 26, 2018
apology (noun)
\uh-PAH-luh-jee\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : an expression of regret (as for a mistake or a discourtesy)2 : a poor substitute
How do you use it?
"Down-stairs she met Mrs. William, splendid in rustling black silk, her broad, rubicund face smiling, overflowing with apologies and welcomes, which Joscelyn cut short coldly." (Lucy Maud Montgomery, _Chronicles of Avonlea_)
Are you a word wiz?

Which one of these words do you think would be a good substitute for "apology"?

Don't be sorry if you picked C. "Excuse" implies an attempt to avoid blame. ("She used illness as an excuse for her absence.") "Apology," meanwhile, usually applies to an expression of regret that includes an admission of guilt or fault with no excuses being made. ("They offered an apology for being late.") "Pretext," another synonym, suggests deception and the offering of false reasons or motives to explain one's actions. ("They used any pretext to avoid work.") "Alibi" points to a desire to shift blame or escape punishment by offering an explanation that can be questioned or investigated. ("His alibi didn't stand up to further examination.")
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