May 27, 2016
verity (noun)
\VAIR-uh-tee\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : the quality or state of being true or real2 : something (as a statement) that is true : fact3 : the quality or state of being truthful or honest : veracity
How do you use it?
Mrs. Crosby confirmed Cody's explanation of how the glass beakers were broken, so no one argued with the verity of his account.
Are you a word wiz?

"Verity" traces back to the Latin root "verus." Which of the following words do you think also descends from "verus"?

It's true! Answer A is correct! The Latin root "verus," meaning "true," is the ancestor of "verity" and "very." "Verity" traces to the Middle English word "verite," which came from the Anglo-French "verite." But the story doesn't stop there. "Verite" derives from the Latin "veritat-" or "veritas," which traces to the root "verus." "Very" followed a similar route. In Middle English the word was "verray" or "verry" and it came from the Anglo-French "verai," which traces to the Vulgar Latin "veracus." "Veracus" is an alteration of the Latin "verac-" or "verax," meaning "truthful," and that brings us back to the root "verus."
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