June 09, 2016
orate (verb)
\or-RAYT\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: to speak as if giving an important speech on some special occasion
How do you use it?
The students had practiced their presentations for a long time, and their teachers were very impressed with how well they orated.
Are you a word wiz?

Only one of the following sentences uses "orate" correctly. Which do you think it is?

Although "orate" is only used correctly in C, all the sentences make sense if we replace "orate" with a word related to "orate." "Orate" was created by back-formation from the noun "oration," which means "an important speech given on some special occasion," and "oration" fits in sentence D. "Oration" comes from the Latin word "orare," meaning "to plead, speak, pray," and it's "orare" that gave us the word that fits in A: "adore," meaning "to be very fond of." Also from "orare" is "inexorable," which means "not lessening in severity, intensity, strength, or pace; relentless," and which works in sentence B.
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