June 11, 2012
apt (adjective)
\APT\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : just right; especially : being to the point : relevant2 : having a tendency : inclined, likely3 : quick to learn
How do you use it?
He is more apt to go to the game than to the concert tonight because he loves baseball.
Are you a word wiz?

Where do you think we ultimately get the word "apt" from?

"Apt" came into English ultimately from the Latin verb "apere," meaning "to fasten." The Latin adjective "aptus" was derived from "apere." "Aptus" was used to mean "fastened" or "attached," and later meant "suitable." We borrowed this last sense into English in the 14th century and built on it. Our example sentence above uses sense 2, but you also hear sense 1 ("an apt commentary on this election") and sense 3 ("an apt student") quite often.
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