June 13, 2016
foist (verb)
\FOYST\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: to pass off (something false) as genuine
How do you use it?
Informed tourists realize that people who sell designer wristwatches at very low prices on street corners are trying to foist cheap imitations on gullible people.
Are you a word wiz?

One of the sentences below uses the word "foist" correctly. Which one do you think it is that's not trying to foist anything fake on you?

Picking D shows that you can't be fooled by imitations. Sentence A describes a joint effort to "foil" the criminals, that is, to prevent them from achieving their goal. The movers in B are attempting to "hoist" the piano, or raise it into position by mechanical means, probably pulleys. You can throw out C because it uses the verb "foist" in place of the noun "foyer," which refers to a lobby or entrance hallway. That leaves D as the genuine article, even though the politician isn't.
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