June 18, 2017
grill (noun)
\GRILL\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : a grate on which food is broiled2 : broiled food3 : a restaurant that served broiled food
How do you use it?
Rather than go out for dinner on Father's Day, Dad preferred to stay at home and cook some steaks on the grill.
Are you a word wiz?

When they hear the word "grill," many people think of hot dogs, hamburgers, and barbecue. But for people interested in word histories, some related words might come to mind. Which word do you think is related to "grill"?

"Grill" and "crate" both trace to the Latin "cratis" meaning "wickerwork." "Wickerwork" is something made of interlaced twigs. It's not hard to see a connection between the word "crate," which names a box made of wooden slats, and a word meaning "wickerwork." That "grill" also comes from that word might seem less likely. But the grate-like pattern of a grill's cooking surface can be said to resemble wickerwork. Speaking of grate-like, the word "grate" is another descendant of "cratis," as is the word "griddle."
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