June 18, 2018
rapt (adjective)
\RAPT\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: showing complete delight or interest
How do you use it?
I wasn't certain I would like the author's new book series, but after only a few pages, I was utterly rapt and couldn't put the book down.
Are you a word wiz?

This common meaning of "rapt" isn't its only meaning. What is the original meaning of "rapt"?

We got carried away with those answers, but the correct one is C. "Rapt" first came into English in the 13th century and meant "lifted up and carried away." Our early uses for it talk about being carried away into heaven, where the person taken up into heaven has an ecstatic or mystical experience. It's no surprise, then, that "rapt" gained other meanings that tied into the idea of being held captive by something (like a good book, or someone's beauty). The original meaning of "rapt" is rare today.
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