June 25, 2016
game (adjective)
\GAYM\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 a : full of spirit or eagerness : determined b : willing or ready to go2 : of or relating to animals that are hunted
How do you use it?
"Do you want to check out that new horror film with us?" "Sure, I'm game."
Are you a word wiz?

The history of the adjective "game" in its senses of "full of spirit" and "willing to go" involves an animal. Which animal do you think has special significance in the story of "game"?

Today, B is the name of the game. The adjective "game" stems from an old meaning of the noun "game." As you probably know, the noun "game" is used to refer to hunted animals. That use of "game" led to the adjective use of "game" to mean "of or relating to animals that are hunted." But the other sense of the adjective also has to do with hunted animals, and specifically with birds. Game birds were especially noted for having a lot of spirit and tenacity. Because of these characteristics, the noun "game" developed the meaning "readiness to fight" or "pluck." That sense of the noun is now outdated, but it led to the adjective uses of "game" meaning "full of spirit or eagerness" and "willing or ready to go."
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