June 29, 2017
attic (noun)
\AT-ik\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: a room or space just below the roof of a building
How do you use it?
Instead of buying costumes for the party, we looked through the trunks in the attic for old clothes that had been worn by our great-grandparents.
Are you a word wiz?

How do you think the part of a house called the "attic" got its name?

The answer at the very top is C. In ancient Greece, the region around Athens was known as Attica. Many of the buildings in Attica had a special section of wall for decoration above the main wall or row of columns supporting the roof. Because this upper section was in the style of Attica, or in the Attic style, the French named it "attique." The English borrowed the French word as "attic," and extended its meaning. English "attic" refers to the top story of any building just under the roof, even when the building is not in the style of those in ancient Attica.
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