June 30, 2016
skew (verb)
\SKYOO\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : to take a slanting course : move or turn aside : twist, swerve2 : to distort from a true value or symmetrical form
How do you use it?
"Seldom swerving or straggling or swaying or skewing, the smug slug shambled on." (Pamela Duncan Edwards, "Some Smug Slug")
Are you a word wiz?

Take a careful look at the meanings of "skew." Which of the following do you think is the meaning of the Middle English word it came from?

"Skew" has a long history, but we won't skew the facts about it. It comes from the Middle English word "skew" meaning "to escape" or "to run in a slanting line." This word "skew" traces back to an Anglo-French word meaning "to escape, avoid." The modern word "skew" lost the meaning having to do with escaping hundreds of years ago, but it's kept the meaning having to do with moving in a slanting line. The most common meaning of "skew" today, though, has to do with changing something—such as data—so that it's not true or accurate.
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