July 07, 2017
article (noun)
\AHR-tih-kul\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : a separate part of a document dealing with a single subject2 : a piece of writing other than fiction or poetry that forms an independent part of a publication (as a magazine)3 : a word (as a, an, or the) used with a noun to limit it or make it clearer4 : a member of a class of things
How do you use it?
The local newspaper ran an article on the front page about our school's improved test scores.
Are you a word wiz?

"Article" is a descendant of the Latin word "articulus." What do you think "articulus" means?

The Latin "articulus" means "joint, division." As you know, a joint joins two parts together. That's the idea behind "article." It can mean a separate -- but connected -- part of a document, or a nonfiction piece that is part of a larger publication. It can also refer to a word that joins up with a noun to tell us more about the noun. Other words that join this word family include "articulate," which means both "jointed" and "clearly understandable" (from the idea of syllables or words joined in a meaningful way). "Articular," meaning "of or relating to a joint," also descends from "articulus."
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